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School Management Software: Everything You Need to Know

In this day and age, the administration and management of institutions like schools have become tiresome day-to-day operations in an educational institution such as curricular activities, daily assessments, administrative operations ,etc., that need to be monitored and managed in an effective manner. A school management software is a timesaving technology developed to help teachers, students, parents, teachers and other administrative faculty of an educational institution to carry out careful planning, execution and monitoring of associated activities.

What is School Management Software?

A school management software is a powerful tool which transforms schools into smart schools with a collection of computer instructions and a single line integrated system. It has the specific purpose of digitally monitoring the day-to-day activities of a school along with the management of all data and resources on a single platform. Educational institutions such as universities and schools use this software to automate its daily activities, update its database and simplify the routine yet time-consuming manual tasks into efficient automated tasks. Moreover, it assists the management to make quick & thoughtful assessments that enhance the overall performance of students and staff to promote organizational growth.

Still pondering why school management software is the trending topic in the education industry? Let’s take a look at the unique qualities a school management software offers:

  1. Student data is just a click away: The primary benefit of using this tool is that the school management software aids the administrative department to create, maintain and update data related to the students and staff. Educational institutions like schools use school management software as a tool to manage and control information and data regarding online admissions, daily attendance of students and staff, homework and assignment progress and submission charts, work assessments data, payroll management, examination timetable and report management, timetable allocation, finance management, library management, etc. With the help of an efficient school management tool, it becomes easy to keep a record of enormous data.

  2. Easy attendance management: One of the important administrative tasks in a school is the management and maintenance of attendance reports. A school management system performs functions such as recording and managing students’ and staff’s attendance and leave of absence records. As such, the tool permits the admins to make multiple attendance reports in accordance with various criteria such as class, gender, role, division, department and numerous other variables for the entire term. Furthermore, it also permits notification features to alert parents about the absence of their children with SMS notifications.

  3. Managing admissions: The entire process of students’ admission could be a tedious and time-consuming task for management staff. The role of a student management software tool in such process is important as it helps the school to perform the tasks online and in less time too. Also, it could help to reduce the use of papers and eliminate redundant or inefficient manual labour and maintenance of hard-copy of records of academic and personal by storing and allocating them in local and cloud databases.

  4. Effortless fee payment: School management software is the automated friend sought after by busy adults like parents and administrative staff. It helps the concerned parties cut corners by avoiding long queues and tedious paper works for the fee payment process. The tool provides a platform to perform the whole payment online. It helps to keep track of all the fee receipts and other payment information in a single database.

  5. Keeping track of assignments: One of the many features that makes this system important is its effective assignment management capability. Work-life becomes easier for teachers as well as students with the help of the readily available assignment management nodules. Students can access the assignment questions online, download them, upload the completed tasks, and refer to it and modify if needed using this tool. Also, teachers can assess the assignments online, review and grade them with lesser efforts. The tedious and arduous paperwork thus becomes a light-work if you have the right tools to assist you.

  6. Effective exam management: Be it an essay or multiple-choice questions-based assessment, a school management software makes provisions for effectively conducting the exams online. With the help of this tool, teachers can create tests and assess student performance quickly and efficiently.  Also, it helps to schedule tests, review and create and publish results immediately. In addition, teachers can give personalized feedback to each student. The transparent nature of the tool readily invites parents to be a part of assessing the progress of their children by viewing live results and ranking, performance and progress charts.

  7. Library management: Latest e school management systems contain library management tools which help with processes such as resource planning, tracking of borrowed books, members records, fees and bills paid, due or due, recent orders, delivery etc. Automation of library records processing eliminates the weakness previously encountered in manual data-keeping.

  8. Effective communication: With this modern technology, it has now become easier for the school administration, staffs, students and parents to communicate effectively. The features in it help to send or receive important information and notifications online in the form of short message services, emails etc. Also, important notifications from management reach the parents, students and staffs immediately without time delays or delivery errors.

  9. Managing staffs online: Efficient school management software not only simplifies management tasks, but it also enables schools to work smarter.  and effortlessly coordinate the school staff and their tasks. Its staff management tool helps to manage the calculation of salary, compensation, allowances and perks due to each staff, management of staff attendance, to name a few. It has features that enhance the staffs’ everyday performance with the help of shortcuts and quick tools. It also let the management pay the staff remuneration in a few clicks.

  10. Transportation management: Most schools have multiple vehicles to transport students from their homes to school and back. The school management software helps schools to track and monitor the vehicle route. It offers guaranteed supervision of students’ safe commutation every day.

  11. Easy inventory management: Inventories in schools such as school supplies, books, stationeries, uniforms etc are usually stored in school stores. The inventory management tool in a school management software helps the schools to store the items, track inventory status, number of items sold etc., online.

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